2020 roundup: Top 5 tech tools for tradies

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Have a bit of downtime over the holidays? Just because you might not be on the tools, doesn’t mean you can’t be improving your business. 

Here are our Top 5 tradie tech tools from 2020:  

1. Fieldpulse: get yourself sorted

Job management software like Fieldpulse is specifically designed for small trade businesses. It’s your one-stop-shop for scheduling, time tracking, route planning and even invoicing. Watch our latest webinar with FieldPulse founder Gabe.

2. Matrak: track materials…in real time

Matrak aims to be the single source of truth for materials and progress tracking. It’s a cloud-based material- and progress-tracking software that allows every company on a project to track and share real-time information at every stage: manufacturing, shipping, installation and defects/re-orders.  Catch Matrak on a segment of Tools Down.

3. GJ Gardner Homes: get the support you need

The G.J. Gardner Homes software has been developed solely for its franchisees and is one of, if not the only, building system in use that integrates all the procedures of building a new home from start to finish. This software has been built with the view to take the guesswork out of building, facilitate fast quoting, and safeguard your business from margin erosion. Learn more about G.J. Gardner Homes.

4. goodwork: network to find your next opportunity

Sure, this is shameless plug, but we’re working hard to make your life a bit easier. We’re a professional networking app for tradies. Your downtime is perfect for setting up a shmick-looking profile, and making some new industry connections for when work picks up again. Watch our CEO explain how it works.

5. Reece maX: order and track products without fuss

If you’re a plumber, you’re probably on the move just as much as you’re in the office. maX allows you to manage your business easily. Search for products, create quotes, place orders and track deliveries. Find out how maX works to make your life easier.

Our segments on finance and small business tips premiered on Tools Down in 2020. You can find all of the episodes and segments on our Tools Down YouTube playlist.

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