3 tips from Reece for keeping your trade business moving during COVID-19

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We’re not the only company that’s looking to help tradies through this difficult time. Plumbing and bathrooms outfit Reece has been sharing some tips of their own and getting the word out about potential ways to help. 

On the most recent Reece vodcast, goodwork CEO Chris dialled in to talk about how tradies can bounce back. Watch the full video right here — or read on below for our summary.

Take advantage of your existing network or build a new one. 

Chris thinks now is the time to lean on other tradies for help. Using a networking tool like goodwork lets you reach out to a network of 30,000 tradies with questions or share examples of your work to show others what you can do. 

Get the best rates you can. 

You’re probably thankful if work’s still coming in. But that doesn’t mean that you should pay more than you need to for insurance. It’s insurance renewal season, and James Clyne from Clyne Partners Chartered Accountants said it’s the best time to push back on your broker to renegotiate your rates.  

Use tech to make your life easier and safer.

It’s important to stay healthy and practice social distancing. John Kosta from “Life as a Maintenance Plumber” suggests that you use the Reece maX app to track deliveries and place orders, saving you time before you head to the job site. You can also take advantage of the ‘click and collect’ service that many suppliers offer now. 

Check out John’s Life of a Maintenance Plumber Instagram page.

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