4 ways to build your tradie business while you’re not working

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We would all prefer to be out earning rather than cooped up inside. But just because you’re not working as much as you’d like, doesn’t mean you can’t be working on your business.

Here are our top 4 suggestions for how to improve your business in your downtime:

Clean out your car, ute or van

For a lot of tradies, your vehicle is like your office. That can sometimes mean a lot of build-up; tools that were essential for old jobs, loose materials, and an inevitable bundle of receipts. Use this downtime to get on top of your car’s clutter and you’ll be ready for business when the lockdown ends.

Get onto your marketing

When you’re constantly on the move from job to job or getting stuck into a site, marketing can fall by the wayside. Now’s the time to dust off your Facebook and Instagram accounts and check your website’s in good nick. Don’t add to your anxiety, though — you’re unlikely to teach yourself web programming or marketing in two weeks, so consider working with a local professional. They’ll have similar time on their hands and would probably be keen to help another local business out.

Check out our tradie marketing 101 guide for some easy steps to kickstart your marketing.

Make sure your books are in order

With all the recent news about stimulus packages from the Aussie government, individual state packages and the JobKeeper payments, there is a lot of support out there, provided your accounting is in good shape.

Financial help depends on having a good view of your business’ cashflow, so take those receipts from your newly-cleaned car and get up to date.

Get to grips with some new tech

Following from the above, it’s a great time to get on some new kinds of tools — technology. You’ve got the time to do a bit of research and learn how everything works without trying to fit it around other work.

Digitise your accounts, make invoicing a snap or find a new job management app. Whatever trade you’re in, a new app can make your life easier and business smoother.

Here are some we’ve found useful:


  • Rounded, simple Australia-specific small business accounting software. Easy to set up and use, letting you manage all your invoicing and expenses.

Job Management

  • FieldPulse, designed specifically for small trade businesses. Your one-stop shop for scheduling, time tracking, route planning and even invoicing.


  • Square, offers an easy to use credit/debit card reader which you can use to take payment instantly on the job site. Plus it’s contactless!

Networking (shameless plug!)

  • Goodwork, we’re a professional networking app for tradies. Your downtime is perfect for setting up a shmick-looking profile, and making some new industry connections for when work picks up again.

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