Being a good boss during coronavirus

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It’s a tough time to be a small business owner, whether you have two or twenty employees. Along with the usual stress of managing a business, the coronavirus is proving to be incredibly disruptive for tradies.

We’ve compiled some advice from fellow tradies to help you keep your business on track.

Be open and honest with your team.

Remember that your employees are feeling as disrupted as you are. They’ll be looking to see how you’ll respond, and we recommend honesty as the best policy here. Communicate regularly with your team, whether that’s by having a Toolbox catch up, or a daily phone call. Be open about what you know and don’t know.

Consider having a transparent chat with each team member about their job, discuss any changes you may need to make, and just check in and see how they’re going. With so much instability elsewhere in their lives, your employees will appreciate you being upfront.

Access the support you can.

You can’t have predicted or prepared for a global pandemic! Don’t feel any shame about accepting any support that you can. We’ve collected a lot of info just for tradies, to explain what’s going on and make it easy to understand what you qualify for.

Jobkeeper payments

If your business turnover has been impacted by more than 30%, you may be eligible for wage subsidies for all your employees. Check out our full JobKeeper explanation here.

Aus government support

The federal government continues to announce more relief packages, including funding apprentices wages and tax exemptions. See our full explanation of their support.

State-level funds

Each state and territory are doing some things to support small tradie businesses. Read our up-to-date state-by-state breakdown.

Sort out your processes.

An unexpected lull in business is never welcome. But there are some things you can do to stay productive while times are lean, like cleaning up your accounting and reviewing your marketing. We recently published a full explainer of what you can do while business is slow.

Here at goodwork, we’re devoting April to helping tradies improve their businesses. Download the app to start building your network of connections for when work picks up again, and for more updates like this.

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