Cliches About Tradies That Aren’t True Any More

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We thought we’d take a look at some common tradie stereotypes and see if we could sort the fact from the fiction. Fair to say that the results surprised even us!

“Tradies all have a smoke on smoko.”

Turns out that three out of every four tradies, or just under 75%, have actually thrown out the ciggies. That’s a huge improvement from the era that saw the tradie break christened the “smoko” in Australia. Of course, the name “smoko” has stuck though – even on sites where there aren’t any smokers left!

“Tradies listen to talkback radio.”

An old stereotype of tradies is of a bloke listening to the constant babble coming out of a portable radio that’s tuned to the local AM talkback station. It turns out Alan Jones and his mates are still pretty popular among the tradie population with around 27% tuning in.

The real surprise to us was that the former champion of the worksite, Triple M, only gets about 13% share of tradie listeners these days. Commercial stations like Nova, Today and Hit FM pull in more than double that at 28% and are the most popular choice. Less Acca-Dacca and more T-Swizzle on the jobsite these days it seems!

The other interesting stat was that about two in ten tradies prefers to tune in to a podcast from their phone while working.

“Tradies’ lunches are meat pies and iced coffee.”

The eating habits of tradies are supposedly well-known. They love to dig into some ‘tradie tapas’ on smoko –  meat pies, iced coffees or both.

But it turns out only about 15% of tradies make use of the drive-thru or the service station cabinet for their lunch, while a huge majority of 85% prefer to bring a packed lunch from home most of the time. Between that and the smoking stats, looks like tradies as a whole are looking after themselves better than they used to.

“It’s impossible to find a good tradie.”

Another interesting insight is that if a customer used a tradie once and had a good experience, they were much more likely to put some repeat business their way. In fact, well over 60% of people had gone back to the same tradie for repeat business. As the old saying goes, it’s easier to keep an old customer than win a new one.

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