Tradies myths: debunked

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Are you a typical tradie? Earning wads of cash-in-hand, home by 5 every day and smashing down a pie at smoko?

It’s crazy to think that these old-school stereotypes about Aussie tradies are still floating around.

We’ve debunked five of the most common stereotypes to help you call out your mates the next time they say something not quite right.

1) Tradies are paid better than average.

This one is almost true, but definitely not for the apprenticeship years. Once qualified, the average tradie makes just over $1,140 per week according to recent figures. That works out to around $60,000 a year for the first year you are fully-qualified (on average) which is higher than the starting wage for most university qualifications. 25% of tradies earn over $100k a year, but the majority of them are likely to be between the ages of 40 and 53.

2) Tradies make their own hours.

Most people don’t realise how many hours in a tradie’s day are taken up by driving, meetings or phone calls. While most tradies are on the job site by 7:30, they still need to be available for the 9-5 to make sure they can answer customer calls — not to mention the timesheets, quotes and staying active on social media 24×7!

3) Tradies don’t like maths.

Sure — they’re not accountants, but tradies need to know the numbers just as much as anyone else. To be a good tradie there’s a lot of number-crunching to be done — invoices, project planning, budgeting (gotta have the latest tools!), workflow, cashflow, running a crew. Anyone got a calculator? 

4) Only men are tradies.

This one is almost true, but we’re seeing more women tradies. Statistics show that just under 1% of all tradies are female, meaning that trades of all kinds are still dominated by men. But lady tradies are definitely on the rise and there are growing opportunities for women who are looking to get into a trade. 

5) Tradies love junk food.

We know you have a favorite smoko snack, but seven out of 10 tradies consider themselves fit and try to eat healthily. With the amount of physical activity that most tradies are required to do throughout the day, they don’t want to be weighed down by a greasy meal or a packet of chips.

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