Down on your luck? Use these resources

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You’re either a tradie who has been stood down or made redundant — or you know someone who has. After JobKeeper and HomeBuilder and all of the other infrastructure plans announced to give the construction industry a boost, some tradies haven’t yet seen the rush of jobs we were hoping to see by now. 

Right now, looking for work isn’t easy. So we gathered some resources from different organisations and government agencies whose sole purpose is to try to find you a job or help when you’re down on your luck. 

Here are our suggestions for where you can turn when you’re on the job hunt or need help with finances:


The Department of Education, Skills and Employment started jobactive to connect you with employers who actively need to fill jobs. Search now using the jobactive website.

Tax Help

Need help lodging your tax return? You may be able to use the Tax Help program. It’s a network of ATO-trained and accredited community volunteers who offer free services to help people complete their tax returns online. You can access it here


MoneySmart is a program that helps you make the most of your money when things are tight. They give you tips on what to do in the short- and long-term while you’re getting back on your feet. Check out their online resources.   

Australian Apprenticeships

Australian Apprenticeships offers support and resources for available apprenticeships in over 500 different jobs. You can also go there if you’re looking to hire an apprentice. Access their database

If you do have a bit of extra time on your hands, you can still work on your business. Read our 4 ways to build your tradie business while you’re not working blog.

And as always, look after yourself. Read our 5 tips for managing your mental health blog. 

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