Hilarious Tradie Videos

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In a wild attempt to pass off many wasted hours on YouTube as actual work, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite funny tradie videos on the internet for you to enjoy!

Let us know your fave funny tradie videos in the comments 👇👇👇

S*** Tradies (Never) Say

An oldie but a goodie from Hughesy here for Tradies National Health Month with a cracking bunch of one-liners that you’d almost certainly never hear from the mouth of an Aussie tradie.

If Tradies Were Pub Owners

This one is a classic. What would the local pub be like if it was run by a bunch of tradies? Our favourite bit? The assisted carry of the knife and fork to the table.

If Footy Was Run Like a Worksite

Full of more hilarious tradie stereotypes but this time it’s on the local footy team. Hilarious.

The Hardhat Challenge

This challenge was doing the rounds a few years back on social media. This a compilation of some of the funniest attempts. A disclaimer is probably in order before you try this on site! Hard hats are… hard. BYO Panadol.

Hard Hat Challenge Compilation

The #HardHatChallenge takes zero prisoners 😂😂

Posted by LADbible Australia on Friday, March 15, 2019

The Hammer Challenge

A slightly less dangerous version as you’re (hopefully) not aiming for your head this time around! Some pretty impressive videos doing the rounds for this one! Check out #hammerchallenge

Top 20 Tradie Fails, Funnies and F Ups

The title pretty much says it all. Enjoy!

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