How does goodwork, erm, work?

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Get the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about goodwork.

What is goodwork?

Basically, goodwork is an app that lets tradies in the building and construction industry connect with each other. So, if you need some extra work, or you need to hire another tradie either as a subbie or long-term, you can find them in goodwork.

Right now on goodwork, you can:

1. Build a profile

Build your profile by adding a profile photo, your trade & skills, and any qualifications or tickets you hold. It’s a bit like a virtual CV and helps other tradies find you on goodwork.

2. Connect with other tradies

Search for tradies and add them to your network of connections so you can easily contact them.

3. Message your contacts

Talk to the other tradies in your network all in one place, with our free in-app messaging.

4. Post jobs

If you need a hand, you can create a job ad and post it to the network to help you get the job done.

5. Find work

If you’re looking for a new job, or just a bit of extra work on the side, you can search for jobs in your area and filter by trade and location.

6. Upload photos of your work

Upload the work you’re most of proud of to your profile and get the recognition you deserve! Showcasing your work also builds trust with other tradies.

And the best thing is – goodwork is free!

You don’t have my trade! Can you add it?

If you’re a tradie that works in the residential and commercial building industries, and we don’t have your trade on goodwork yet, then email us at We’ll review your request and let you know within 1-2 weeks if we’re able to add it.

To help speed up the process, please include in your email a list of skills related to your trade.

Can you help me find work?

At goodwork, we help you make connections with other tradies. We don’t send you job leads directly. If you’re on goodwork to find work, here are three suggestions to get you started.

1. Complete your profile

When you signed up to goodwork you would have added your trade, skills and location to your profile. Going back and adding things like your ABN, photos of your work, or any licences or qualifications you have builds trust with other tradies.

2. Check out the jobs board

You can find this by opening the app and selecting “Jobs”. It’s the second option in the grey bar at the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve done that, you can filter by trade and your location.

3. Connect with others

One of the main ways goodwork members find work is by connecting with other tradies and offering their services. To search who’s on goodwork and near you, use the search bar at the top of the home screen.

There’s no jobs posted in my area/for my trade

That sucks, but don’t give up yet. One of the main ways goodwork members find work is through their connections. To search who’s on goodwork and near you, use the search bar at the top of the home screen. Once you’ve connected, let them know you’re available for work if they need a hand!

How do I make money through goodwork? Will you charge me?

We don’t handle any of the payments of jobs that you find or organise through goodwork. You’ll need to organise the payment method and terms the same way you would any other job.

Goodwork is 100% free to download and use. No fee for joining, no fee for posting or applying for jobs, and we don’t take a clip of the ticket when you find a job on goodwork either.

I love goodwork! How do I share it with my crew?

We’d love it if you told your mates about goodwork. Just tell them to search ‘goodwork’ (all one word) in the Apple App Store or on Google Play to find us. And then make sure to connect on the app once they’ve joined!

We’d also love it if you rated us in the App store – that’ll help us attract more tradies which will make the network better for you too.

I’m not a tradie, but my business supports tradies. Can I join goodwork too?

At the moment, we’re still building out the goodwork network with tradies, and are focusing all our efforts on this.

We’ll be introducing trades business profiles to the app in the future, so stay tuned for that.

If you’re not a trades business but you’re still keen to work in partnership with goodwork, send an email to and let us know your ideas!

Goodwork isn’t working properly on my phone – how do I report a bug?

We’re constantly updating and improving goodwork but we’re a small team and sometimes we miss things. If you’ve found a bug email and let us know. Our team of developers based here in Melbourne will get onto it straight away.

I’m seeing tradies and jobs that aren’t in my area.

The members and the jobs featured on the home screen are the newest ones on the whole network, so that will be why you might be seeing things that aren’t in your location there.

You can filter on the search pages to see relevant work by using the ‘Trades’ and ‘Location’ drop down menus.

If this still isn’t working, then let us know on

How do I delete my profile?

We wish you’d stay! If there’s something that’s bugging you about goodwork, please let us know and we’ll do our best to fix it.

If goodwork really isn’t right for you, then send us an email to and our development team will remove your profile.

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