How One Tradie’s Business Looks During Coronavirus

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While we’re keeping optimistic, it’s clear the coronavirus isn’t going away any time soon. The outbreak has put tradies in a unique situation, preparing for the future, both in their business and in their lives.

Goodwork spoke to Josh from Steins Plumbing Solutions, Sydney, to get a view of how his business is coping with the pandemic.

Short Term Business Seems Stable.

Josh and his team are largely maintenance plumbers, so he’s not worried about the short-term, saying “I haven’t noticed a big change… people are still renting and need work done. I’ve got a month of work scheduled.”

However, while the short-term is covered, there is concern about the future — “after that, it’s a bit of an unknown. That’s sort of scary.”

Starting to think I should take deposits for even the smaller jobs… what if people can’t pay in the usual 30 or 90 days?

Safety of the Team Comes First.

Josh has put some safety measures in place to keep his team healthy. “Plumbing’s not the cleanest job at the best of times. We’ve stepped up our disinfecting.”

Keeping everyone on the road is his top priority, he says, and a large part of that is being smart about hygiene. “I’ve given the boys antibac in every car and told them how important it is to wear protective clothing.”

Plumbing is One of the Lucky Ones.

Some countries in Europe like Spain and Italy have started banning all non-essential workers from leaving their homes, however Josh is hoping the plumbing trade will be okay.

“Plumbers do things that can’t wait. Hot water, hygiene, and urgent maintenance fixes. The other trades like carpenters and painters, we’ll have to see.”

There’s a Lot of Noise.

Information overload is a serious problem, and kerbing your consumption is one way to tackle it. Josh said he was cutting down what he’s reading to one or two trusted sources. “To be honest, I’m not reading all of it. There’s a lot of information coming from everyone.”

How is the coronavirus impacting you? Email to share your story.

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