How To Get Qualified as a Tradie in Australia If You’re From Overseas

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It’s no secret that being a tradie is an amazing career path. From escaping a desk job to gaining a lifetime of useful skills, there’s so much to gain from the trades industry. So it makes sense that a lot of overseas tradies are keen to work here.

If you’re an overseas tradie looking to move here and work, it can be difficult to know where to start.  So whether you’re already a tradie and want to work in Australia, or if you’ve moved here and want to get a trade career started, we’ve listed some of the first steps below to help you on your way.

Trade Skills Assessment

In order to work in the trade industry in Australia, you’ll need a trade skills assessment. This will be needed even if you have a qualification in your own country. 

To get things started you’ll need:

Education Documents and Qualifications

  • Full education transcripts with start and end date, and details of the program.

Apprenticeship Documents

  • Apprenticeship contracts, journals or references from your previous employer.

Work Experience Documents

  •  Payslips, bank and tax statements, employment contracts.

Once you have all of your paperwork together you can go to Trades Recognition Australia to begin your application. From there you can use their Pathfinder to see which courses you might need to take, get information about the TRA programs including eligibility and how to apply, and finally use their online portal to submit your application and make any payments.

If you don’t have qualifications, but you have at least 6 years of on the job experience you can still apply for a Skills Assessment and you may still be successful. If not, it may be possible to apply for an apprenticeship within Australia and you could become qualified in as little as 2 years. There are many apprenticeship programs you can find online and the TRA will be able to point you in the direction you need to go to get started.

Best of all, once you are here and working in Australia, downloading the goodwork app will get you started on building the most important tool for a tradie, your network.

The app will give you a chance to connect with others, as well as open opportunities for work and experience.  

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