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How To Network on the couch

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This blog post is brought to you by Tradies in Business. They provide support for tradies who want to get off the tools and grow their own business. Check them out for regular updates on business building, productivity, mindset, smart marketing practices and other useful stuff! [Updated February 2021]

Networking is a great way to find work or find subbies to help you get your job done. But how do you network when you need to be on-site all day? Find out how you can network from your phone at smoko, on the couch, or while having your knock-off beer.


Most of us are on Facebook, so you might as well take advantage of it! There are heaps of groups on Facebook that are focused on networking, like the Tradies in Business group. Don’t forget to join your local groups as well — you never know where you’ll find more work! Start conversations, begin your own group.


Goodwork is the perfect tool to help you build yourself an online network and keep your contacts in one spot. And best of all – it’s totally free!

Expand your network by connecting with other tradies and contact them directly using the in-app messaging feature. You can showcase your skills, qualifications, and upload and share photos of your work. You’ll be able to attract the right people to your network, find more work or hire subbies to help you complete your project.


Some tradies use Instagram the same way they’d use a phonebook. It’s a great networking tool that can also accessed right from your phone. It’s easy to use, similar to Facebook in many ways, but is better at showcasing your work.

Networking is an essential business tool, but it doesn’t need to eat up so much of your day — just be sure to put in a few minutes during smoko or at the end of the day and you’ll get what you need.

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