How Victorian and Tasmanian builders are expanding their business by 400%*

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Residential building can be a hard game to break into. Australia’s biggest builders take up a significant portion of the market, and they’re able to use their size to access competitive deals with suppliers and manufacturers. But there are some builders who are doing things differently.

Builders joining G.J. Gardner Homes experience, on average, a 400% growth in their business over a three-year period*. In a market dominated by big brands, G.J. Gardner Homes gives the backing of a national brand that helps cut through the noise. Marketing for a residential builder can be time-consuming to learn and to manage. G.J. Gardner Home’s dedicated marketing team gives that time back to builders.

Joining G.J. Gardner Homes instantly puts builders in touch with a network of similar businesses. Making it easy to reach out and find success stories, swap solutions to common problems, and talk about the latest industry trends to stay ahead of the game. It’s about using the power of networking to level up everybody’s business.

“Having a network there of people that share those same experiences — it’s absolutely invaluable.”

Peter Leotta, G.J. Gardner Homes Tweed Heads Franchisee

G.J. Gardner Homes also provides each franchisee with access to their in-house job management software. It’s uniquely designed to help manage residential construction jobs, to allow you to get on with the work of running your business. And it’s working — last year, the G.J. Gardner Homes group was the 5th largest builder Nationally for detached houses, as reported by the Housing Industry Association, and most importantly of all, number 1 on Product Review for National Builders. Quality builds and customer service is key to their success.

Become a G.J. Gardner Homes franchisee and experience the difference.

Visit or, if you’re located in Victoria or Tasmania, call 9338 5588 to find out more.

* Growth is based on the average of Australian Franchisees who were previously operating residential construction businesses. Annual revenue compared from the final financial year before joining G.J. Gardner Homes to their 3rd Financial year with G.J. Gardner Homes.

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