Preparing for a rise in residential tradie work

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It’s too early to tell how much of a long-term impact coronavirus will have on tradies. Anecdotally we’re hearing some business is trending down, however PerthNow has also reported a rise in works around the home. This could prove an invaluable source of extra business, if you’re ready to take advantage of the uptick.

Here’s a breakdown of what those works might be and how you can prepare now.

More people are spending a significant amount of time at home, so we should see an increase in;

  • home safety installs — alarm systems and CCTV. PerthNow reports this is the fastest growing type of work. People want to feel safe at home, particularly when they’re spending all day and night there.
  • internet & electrical works — more people working from home means more load on the electrics, as well as their internet connection.
  • broken windows and other home repairs. More restless kids inside increases the chances of a rogue ball making an expensive impact.
  • leaky roofs, blocked drains, and heater issues, as winter arrives, and the weather becomes cold and rainy.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re ready for the jobs that are going to come your way.

Stock up on your essentials.

Currently, trade suppliers like Reece and Bunnings are continuing to operate as usual. However, it’s a good idea to minimise your time in-store. Having those essential parts on hand can also speed up your time on the job.

Brush up on your skills.

It might have been some time since you’ve done some of the work that’s now coming your way. Spend some time on YouTube or read some online articles to make sure you’re able to tackle any job you take on.

Reach out to your network.

Get in touch with any old clients that you had a good experience with and let them know you’re ready for any repairs they might need. It’s also a good time to tidy up your marketing too, to make sure you’re top of mind when the need arises.

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