Still confused about JobKeeper? Watch our free webinar!

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UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar event on Tuesday 12 May!

Tax, super and wage subsidies aren’t the most exciting topics, however at a time like this, it’s best to tackle the tricky topics head-on!

If you missed the event or wanted to watch it again, you’ll find the recording in full here. Feel free to forward it onto a friend or workmate that you reckon might benefit from it too!


For many of us, the coronavirus is having a huge impact on all aspects of our lives. From how we work, to how we socialise, and our financial security.

The government has announced a number of initiatives to support individuals and businesses financially and to keep Australian tradies employed.

Along with PwC’s Airtax and GigSuper we’re putting on a short, sharp 45-minute webinar to help tradies get across the following initiatives:

  • Early withdrawal of super
  • JobKeeper
  • Wage subsidy for apprentices & trainees


Tuesday 12 May
4:00-4:45pm AEST

Who should attend

  • Sole trader tradespeople
  • Employers of tradespeople
  • Tradies who are employees, apprentices or trainees

What you will learn

Our speakers will answer the following questions:

  1. What should I do with my super as a result of COVID-19?
  2. Who is eligible to access their super early?
  3. How do I access it if need be?
  4. Who is eligible to receive JobKeeper payments?
  5. How do I access JobKeeper or continue doing so?
  6. Overview of wage subsidy for apprentices & trainees
  7. What is the difference between JobKeeper and Apprentice and Trainee Subsidy and can I claim both?


Chris Pattenden, CEO of goodwork will host the webinar along with the following subject matter experts:

Peter Stanhope, CEO & Co-Founder of GigSuper will answer the questions about early withdrawal of superannuation.

Jacob Fenech, Chartered Accountant at PwC’s Airtax will cover JobKeeper and wage subsidy for apprentices & trainees.

How to join

We’ll send an email to those who have registered containing the link and instruction for how to join the day before the webinar. The webinar will be presented via Zoom.

About the host companies

goodwork is Australia’s only professional network for tradespeople. Our free, easy-to-use app connects you with a network of passionate tradies that will help take your career to the next level. From apprentices, sole traders through to business owners – our members are dedicated to advancing their career, their trade, and the industry as a whole.

PwC’s Airtax makes tax effortless for sole traders – lodge your BAS and income tax return or register your ABN online in minutes, plus get trusted help from PwC tax specialists as you need it.

Offer for attendees: sign up to attend the webinar and get a free 10-minute tax chat with a PwC accountant and have your JobKeeper / wage subsidy for apprentices & trainees questions answered.

GigSuper believes you shouldn’t need to be a financial expert to do super properly when you’re self-employed. We understand what it takes for self-employed people to do super properly, so we created a fund with a purpose-built app that makes it easy for them to take control of saving for their retirement.


By registering for this webinar, you will:

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