Know what you’re worth? Help improve transparency in the industry.

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In this blog:

  1.  Find out how salary transparency can help you get ahead.
  2. Take a quick, anonymous, 6-question survey to find out tradie salaries and hourly rates based on their location and trade.
  3. Learn how to be more confident while quoting for future jobs.

Do you know how much a plumber with 10+ years of experience should be getting paid? What about a bricklayer in Melbourne? What if they live in Hobart?

We can see how other tradies bid for a job on hipages or Airtasker, but do we know what their hourly rate is? How do they normally quote for a job?

Do you talk about how much you get paid with your mates? You might not — but maybe there’s a different way to know. At goodwork, we’re trying to help tradies network and find better opportunities and part of that is helping tradies know what they’re worth.

We’ve talked to plenty of tradies who don’t exactly know how much to charge, and we thought we’d make it easier by creating the goodwork Tradie Salary Report — providing tradie salaries and hourly rates based on their location and trade.

Pete, an electrician from Melbourne was wondering whether or not sparkies in the city get paid more than they do in regional Victoria. He’s moving soon and thought it would be great to know what pay to expect when he does, so he checked out the salaries from close to his new postcode.

Michael, an apprentice carpenter from Mornington wanted to know if residential or commercial carpenters near him made more money. He’s considering learning new skills if he thinks that they would pay off.

Knowing what others make in your industry can help you know what the average income is for your trade based on experience, skills or even location. There have even been studies that show that employees who know their colleagues’ pay perform better than those who don’t. Basically, if you can be more confident in what you’re charging, you’ll be happier with your career in the long run. 

Help improve transparency in the industry.

Answer 6 questions & anonymously contribute to the goodwork salary survey. Once you submit the form, we’ll share hundreds of individually submitted tradie salaries. 

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