Level-4 restrictions got you down? Here are 3 tips to help.

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Most of the country is opening up and tradies are getting back to work, but Victorians can’t seem to catch a break. Not only are you worried about catching COVID-19, but you also have to deal with the confusion about how JobKeeper and HomeBuilder will affect you during and after the level-4 restrictions period. 

On our most recent episode of Tools Down, we talked to Peter Daly, CEO of Master Plumbers, Simon Croft, Executive Director of the Housing Industry Association, and James Clyne of Clyne Partners about the support that’s available and how to navigate the next 6 weeks.

Here are their top 3 tips on how to get yourself sorted right now, but be sure to watch the whole segment here.

1. Plan, plan, plan.

The new restrictions limiting how many people are on a job site and limiting the number of sites you can visit per week are put in place to lessen movement (and the potential spread of the virus) between sites. 

Simon Croft of HIA suggests that you make sure you have your COVIDSafe plans updated and your workplace mapping in place. And stay on top of tracking employees so that you can trace cases if you need to.

2. Know where to turn. 

The construction industry is worth $50b in Victoria and it’s working hard to make sure tradies can get to work safely and have the resources they need during this tough time. 

Peter Daly of Master Plumbers knows the new restrictions will have a huge impact, from big builders to sole traders. He recommends turning to your associations’ websites. There’s for plumbers — it’s full of useful links to government websites, pre-filled forms, COVIDSafe plans, toolkits and important information that will help you safeguard yourself and your customers. 

3. Get your fair share. 

Is your income down 30% or more in the month of August? It probably is. And you’re probably eligible for JobKeeper. 

James Clyne of Clyne Partners told us that due to level-4 restrictions, most people will be able to apply for the government program. He says to make sure that you fill out the appropriate paperwork and get the help that you need, at least through August and September.

He also said to make sure that if you are allowed to work through the Permitted Worker Scheme, get the necessary paperwork in order so that you don’t run into any issues.

If you do have a bit of extra time on your hands, you can still work on your business. Read our 4 ways to build your tradie business while you’re not working.

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