Why Having A Mentor Is Essential For Tradies

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Whether you’re new to being a tradie, or whether you’ve been working for a couple of years, it’s important to have a few people around you with more experience to give you advice, guidance or even just an ear when it’s all a bit much and you need some understanding. Mentors exist in all walks of life, and they’re just as important in the trade industry as anywhere else. Read on to find what a mentor can bring to your career and how they can help. 

What a Mentor Gives You

Experience – A mentor has been in the trade industry for longer than you so they can give you all the benefit of that experience. Not only are they a great source of information, but they are also available for any questions you might have about jobs, sites, or even how to talk to clients. 

Motivation – Mentors are people who can really be there for you. They’ve achieved success in their field and they know you can too. There will be times when you doubt you’re doing the right thing, but with a mentor, you can be sure of someone cheering you on.

Assistance – Having someone with great connections in the industry giving you rave reviews will mean even if you’re lacking in experience, you’ll have more chances to get jobs and build your own network.

Feedback – It’s not always easy knowing if you’re approaching your work the right way. There will be times when you need an honest opinion from someone you trust, and a mentor can give you that. Their experience and knowledge will mean they have more wisdom and that can be very helpful.

Finding a Mentor

A mentor is usually someone older and more experienced than you. It can be a friend, a family member or someone you meet at work.

One of the best places to meet a mentor is on the goodwork app. Since it’s a meeting place for tradies with all levels of experience, you could even post to your account that you’re looking for a mentor and go from there. Besides being an amazing online meeting place for tradies, it could also mean you have more than one mentor waiting to help.

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