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Need motivation? Here are 4 tips to get you back into tradie life

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Last year was hard on all of us and you might be thinking about what to do next. We talked to tradies and found some of the most common reasons that they’re dissatisfied with tradie life.

We put together four tips to get you through the rough patches and get you motivated again!

🛠 Take on your own projects

Having a boss as a tradie can be great — you have someone coordinating your projects and figuring out the small stuff. Other times, it can be pretty annoying.

With all of the construction and infrastructure projects underway, it could be the right time to try your own projects or start your own business. You can also find out more about government tax breaks for tradies in small businesses.

You might find that being your own boss might be the right next move for you.

💪🏾 Prioritise your health

Feeling extra tired? Is it affecting your work or relationships?

Take the time to prioritise your health by getting in some exercise, staying hydtrated and getting enough sleep. As your fitness increases, you’ll find that you have enough energy left to do the things you love after a hard day’s work.

💙 Find your passion

Do you like the types of jobs you’re doing? Do you wish you focused on something else in your field?

If there’s a way for you to do more of what you love, you’ll find that you’ll like doing your job a bit better. We all have to do things we don’t like during our job, but make sure that you’re doing more of what you love.

👊 Get the support you need

Delegate, delegate, delegate. This goes back to you being able to do what you love. Do you need an extra pair of hands on the job site? Do you need help with the books?

Make your life easier by hiring extra people or outsourcing tasks that you hate. (You can find plenty of tradies to round out your crew on goodwork right now!)

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