Networking For Shy or Awkward Tradies

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Most tradie jobs aren’t filled by job sites like Seek or Gumtree. When you talk to anyone who’s been in the industry for a while, they’ll tell you that it’s who you know that really matters. Having a strong network means you’ll keep getting recommendations for jobs. And that’s the best way to make sure you have a steady stream of work.

That’s not a problem if you’re comfortable talking to new people. But what if you aren’t? Some tradies seem to be able to step onto a site and instantly chat with anyone. Networking looks easy for them because they’re confident.

For a lot of us being confident doesn’t come naturally. We might find chatting to new people pretty awkward, so mostly we avoid doing it. If that sounds like you, keep reading for some tips to help you build your network – even if the idea makes you cringe.

Start With Social Media

Social media is a great way to start building your network. Networking isn’t like it was in the “old days”, and you can make plenty of connections online these days, instead of in person.

Things like Tradie Facebook pages and groups are a great way to start building your network. Instagram also has a community of tradies who post and chat with each other every day. Set up a Facebook or Instagram for your business, and post pictures of any work you’re proud of.

An App Built Just For Tradies

Social media is great, but what if there was an app that was tailor-made to help tradies get their network started, or build it up and make it stronger? Spoiler alert: there is!

On goodwork, you can set up a profile, just like Facebook or Instagram, and it’s all about focusing on getting you connections that could lead to work.

Choose a professional-looking profile pic, and upload shots of any work you’ve done. Make sure you include before and after shots of any projects you’re working on so anyone who comes to your profile can see them.

To get the ball rolling we’ll suggest some tradies for you to connect with straight away. You can also search for people using trade or location. Then you can send a message to introduce yourself. If they want to connect with you, then great! You’re using the app to network.

Sounds pretty straightforward and easy? It is!

Download goodwork on iOS or Android now, and get networking – without the cringe.

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