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You’re either a tradie who has been stood down or made redundant — or you know someone who has. After JobKeeper and HomeBuilder and all of the other infrastructure plans announced to give the construction industry a boost, some tradies haven’t yet seen the rush of jobs we were hoping to see by now.

The Australian Government continues to announce financial relief from the coronavirus-induced downturn for businesses. The instant asset write-off increase is a great opportunity for small businesses and sole traders. Here’s a look at what the instant asset write-off is, what’s changed, and what it could mean for your business’ finances.

Tradie life is pretty rewarding, but it’s not just tradies who live it. Anyone in the household of a tradie goes through it too. We’ve collected some key signs that you live with a tradie below — how many of them hit the mark in your household?

We’ve done the research and come up with a list of things that will help every tradie improve their chances of succeeding in the industry. So have a look through; we bet you’ll find something that you can start doing today to help you kick goals tomorrow.