Thinking about hiring an apprentice?

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COVID-19 hit a lot of people hard — especially apprentices. To help bounce back, the 2020-21 Federal Budget featured a lot of incentives for hiring apprentices, including $1.2 billion added to the already $2.8 billion in the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements Wage Subsidy.

The subsidy, capped at $7,000 every 3-month quarter, will be paid to businesses of any size who take on apprentices from 5 October 2020 through to 30 September 2021. The money will help offset the cost of wages for up to 180,000 apprentices and trainees across the country to help businesses keep more people employed.

Now that the construction industry is getting back to normal, you might be asking why you should and how you can hire an apprentice. Find out if building out your crew is right for you.

Ask the right questions

  • Do you need someone part-time? Full-time? While they’re in school?
  • Do you have enough work to justify hiring someone else?
  • How much are you willing to pay? 
  • What level of support are you able to offer your apprentice?

The answers to those questions will help guide you on how to recruit an apprentice or if you can take one on at all. 

If you think taking on an apprentice is right for you, you can seek help from the Australian Apprenticeships website. They’ll also help you find out if you’re available for any incentives. 

Just remember that you’ll need to meet the same tax and super obligations for an apprentice as you do for any other employee of your business. To understand your obligations, use the ATO’s employee checklist.

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