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Getting Tired of Tradie Life? Four Ways to Get Motivated Again

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We’ve talked to tradies and found some of the most common reasons that they feel unhappy with tradie life. Don’t despair, there are ways to get through tough times and find reasons to be happy with your job again.

1. Lack of responsibility

Sometimes, having a boss is great. Other times, not so much. Not having the freedom to do the jobs you find interesting, or continually being sent to a job site that’s over an hour away in traffic can be frustrating.

With plenty of construction and infrastructure projects underway, as well as a strong housing market and a rebooting mining industry, there has rarely been a better time to be a tradie in Australia. And that means that it’s also a great time to start your own business. Government tax breaks for tradies in small business also help. So if the reason you dislike your job is a lack of control or responsibility, starting out on your own might be a great option for you.

2. Overcoming Tiredness

Being tired to the point that all you want to do in your time off is sleep or be a slob on the couch is not great. And if it gets really bad, it can affect your friendships and relationships.

Taking the time to prioritise some exercise is the best way to combat this. As your fitness rises, your level of general tiredness will fall. Getting some extra sleep and staying hydrated, rather than just drinking when the temperature is high, are also small changes to get through the day with enough energy left over to do the things you love afterwards.

3. Focus

Figure out what you’re good at and enjoy doing at work, and what you don’t enjoy. Too often, tradies get sucked into doing the kinds of jobs they don’t enjoy because they don’t speak up to their boss or seek out the work they really want.

If you’re someone who gets enjoyment from tackling tougher problems or unique challenges, figure out a way to find that type of work. These challenges will keep you focused on your job and are great for getting rid of boredom and restlessness.

If you’re someone who prefers to hone in and work on the methodical, repetitive work – well that’s cool too. Stick to that, and find ways you can do more of it!

4. Delegate

If there are parts of managing your business that overwhelm you, find ways to delegate those tasks. A common challenge for tradies is bookkeeping and accounting — and these are often pushed to the side until the paperwork gets out of hand.

Delegating bookkeeping, invoicing, debtor follow up, and BAS reporting to a professional could very well change the way you look at your profession. This doesn’t mean you have to employ a staff member as there are many bookkeepers who work from home and manage the accounts for a number of business. Using cloud-based software like Xero will mean that you are always able to go into your accounts to get a real-time view of how things are sitting.

When the EOFY comes around just give your tax accountant access to your up to date records and they will be able to prepare your tax return more easily than they ever have before.

If you want to connect and work with other like minded tradies and rekindle your love for tradie life, there are literally thousands on goodwork right now.

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