Signs You Live With A Tradie

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Tradie life is pretty rewarding, but it’s not just tradies who live it. Anyone in the household of a tradie goes through it too. We’ve collected some key signs that you live with a tradie below — how many of them hit the mark in your household?

⏰ You Wake Up on Tradie Time

It’s no secret that tradies are early risers, which is bad news for those in the house that aren’t also tradies.

The dreaded 5:00 am alarm is inflicted on the partners who share a room, or the unlucky ones next to the kitchen.

If you’re a partner, kid or housemate of a tradie, you’ve probably learnt quickly to master the skill of dozing back off after that front door slams shut.

🧊 You’re Never Short of an Esky

Eskies seem to multiply in tradie households. There’s never just one or two, tradie households have dozens spread across the kitchen, garden, laundry — and the car.

Luckily they always seem to come in handy on those camping trips, festivals, or heading to a mate’s barbie. 

🛠 Your Home is a Construction Zone

This has to be the most obvious sign you live with a tradie! Tradies love to find something in the house that could be renovated or improved. It’s a great trait, except for the times when drop sheets litter the floors, or the backyard becomes a storage site for building materials. If you’re lucky, the end result is worth it! If you’re not – your tradie has already started the next project before the first one is finished.

🦺 The Washing!

Where does it all come from? If you live with a tradie then you know that there’s constantly hi-vis workwear hanging on the clothesline and clotheshorses throughout the week and on the weekend. 

Because of all that washing, your washing machine is going to need repairing or servicing way more often than others! The grease, dirt, and grime that attaches to a tradie’s clothing is unfortunately a far tougher job for most household machines than we think they’re designed for.

🧰 Multi-purpose tools

Your tools are prized possessions, and you no doubt have a lot of them! Worth getting value for money, right? When they’re not being put to use at work, they’re no doubt be used in inventive ways around the home.

Handsaw chopping the veggies. A blowtorch getting the fireplace going. Belts sander smoothing out the icing on a birthday cake… well maybe not that one!

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