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Top Tips for Succeeding as a Tradie

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We’ve done the research and come up with a list of things that will help every tradie improve their chances of succeeding in the industry. So have a look through; we bet you’ll find something that you can start doing today to help you kick goals tomorrow.

Get Techy

Imagine the first guy who walked onto a job site with an iPad. Chances are there were a few cheeky comments directed his way. But these days you couldn’t live without your phones, tablets, and apps to book appointments on the road.

Those who are willing to give a new way of working a go can get ahead of the curve and do things smarter and faster than others.

Using drones to scope out the hard parts of a large commercial painting job, with the video streaming back to an iPad, or having small remote-controlled cameras that you can send down drains or into crawl spaces are just two examples of technology being used around Australia right now in different businesses.

An open mind to that sort of idea in your own job can mean a big payoff down the track.

Build Your Contacts

For all the tech in the world, being a successful tradie is still mainly built on getting great word-of-mouth referrals. Networking with other tradies is a great way to build your contact list.

This helps to put in place the foundations for long-term success, where good relationships can lead to partnerships or referrals. These can lead to more jobs, which can lead to more contacts and referrals, and so on until you’ve got a solid client base.

That’s exactly what goodwork helps you to do. We’re the fastest growing network built just for tradies. Check us out and see how we can help you.

Put Away the Shoebox

It wasn’t that long ago that the filing system for a lot of tradies was a shoebox in the back of a cupboard or on the floor in the back of the work ute. There’s not really any excuse for that any more thanks to affordable, easy-to-use cash flow software offered by companies like Xero and Reckon.

While no one really enjoys keeping track of the finances, these sorts of tools make knowing how much cash is coming in and going out, who is getting paid when, and keeping receipts for the tax office way easier than it’s ever been before. And if you don’t get that stuff right? Well, it’s like turning up to work without the plans for the job. You might figure it out, but your chances of making an expensive mistake are way higher.

You might be surprised at how many time you reach into your pocket to pay for things, but forget to claim them as expenses. With the right bookkeeping app if you take a photo of your receipts on your smartphone you can load them straight to the app.

Get the Right Insurance

Speaking of protecting the downside, this one is a no-brainer. Insurance might cost you in the short-term, but not having it could cost your livelihood. But you already know that. Not having the right kind of insurance for your trade is just not an option. So get it sorted and make sure that if anything bad happens, you have the financial backing through your insurance to make it right, and make sure your family and assets are protected.

Tradies often get tips on the latest tools from their tradie mates. Expanding that network can only deliver more of the good oil. Goodwork allows you to connect with a growing number of tradies just like you, and by sharing your collective knowledge and contacts you have the opportunity to take your business to a whole new level.

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