Tradie marketing 101

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No matter your trade, it’s important to define how you want your company to be seen and what you offer your customers. Being clear on this will help you develop a winning marketing plan. But it can be challenging to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of steps to get you started.

Refine your offering.

It’s marketing speak, but “positioning” and “refining your offering” basically just means you’re super clear on what your business offers, and why you’re different from the rest.

If you’re a chippy, maybe you want to specialise in framing and decks. Or maybe you really love doing home renovations.

Your brand values are also important. Do you want to be seen as serious and professional? Or young and approachable? What you put out there is what you’ll get back.

Invest in your brand.

Lots of people think your brand is just your logo, but really it’s much more than that. It’s like your values, reputation, your presentation and your work, all rolled up together. Avoid cheap offshore logo services like Fiverr and work with a local professional who can help you get a great brand result.

Get on Google.

Love ’em or hate ’em – you just have to be on Google. Make sure you’ve got a listing for your business (start setting it up here) and keep it updated with the relevant info.

Set up your website.

Running with a Facebook Page and a mobile number might work in the short-term, but a website makes your business and brand feel legit. And making a website doesn’t have to be a huge investment anymore. Check out SquareSpace, where you can easily build a one-page site with your contact info, social media links and your Google page.

Build your relationships.

As old-school as it might sound, relationships are still gold when it comes to marketing. Try these suggestions to keep building your network;

  • A lot of people’s first instincts when they need a tradie is to ask their friends. Referrals are powerful — they come direct from a satisfied customer, after all. Try to leave a couple of business cards when you finish a job for them to pass on.
  • Facebook and Instagram are a great place to build relationships. Your local Facebook community group can be a boon for your business, but it does mean putting in some work. People won’t appreciate a spammer, so make sure you’re offering your genuine thoughts and advice.
  • Work on those professional relationships. Keeping connected with other tradies can be a great way of spreading your brand.
  • A bit of a shameless plug, but goodwork lets you easily build your tradie network. Show off work you’re proud of and browse jobs in your area.

Do high-quality work.

At the end of the day, you’re as good as the work you do. Keep your work quality high, and ask customers for their feedback. If they’re positive, ask if they’d consider reviewing you somewhere.

We know marketing and brand can be a bit overwhelming, and we’re keen to shine a light on it. Download the goodwork app and follow our latest updates.

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