Resources That’ll Make You Better at Work as a Tradie

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There is no shortage of productivity tools out there that can make you better at work as a tradie. But finding them and putting them to work takes time and effort, and the last thing you need is to try some new tool or process only to find it doesn’t suit you. There’s nothing better than a recommendation from someone you trust (and you trust us, right?) so we’ve put together a short list of some top ideas.


A maps app might seem basic, but it’s essential. Waze has spoken directions, as well as the ability to re-route you to avoid traffic and accidents, means that this app will save you plenty of hours throughout the year compared to just taking the route you always take.


Are you a tradie who still stuffs invoices in a shoe box or in the glove compartment of the ute before pulling them all out at the end of the week to try and make sense of them? Does your filing system leave a bit to be desired?

There’s a better way. Xero, MYOB, and Quickbooks Online are all cloud-based accounting and invoicing systems. You can back up all your financial information, invoices, and receipts in one place and you won’t ever have to worry about losing a piece of paper or doing manual reconciliations again. You can also see your cash flow in real time — something that almost every tradie can benefit from knowing. Any of these are well worth checking out or asking your accountant about — he or she might work with one and prefer you to use it.


No, not the stuff made from trees. Paper is actually an app for your phone or tablet that lets you take a photo and sketch over it with a pen. It’s helpful for showing ideas to clients or communicating between work sites when a picture explains what you want way better than words could. It’s also a huge time saver — as they say, a picture tells a thousand words.

A good quality power bank

A tradie’s phone is now almost as essential as all other tools. If yours dies halfway through the day, then you’re pretty much stuffed. Invest in a power bank for your phone which acts as a portable battery pack no matter where you are. Spending a few extra dollars will get you a tougher one designed to be dust- and water-resistant.


Our networking app is designed specifically for tradies. From speaking to plenty of tradies working all over the country, we know that good professional networks and connections are two of the most important things when it comes to finding out about opportunities in your area, new large projects, or even just someone from your industry to chat to.

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