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Since Steve Jobs dreamt up and released the first iPhone, it feels like there’s been unending innovation in the business space. Every day sees a new app, tool, or smart device that claims to transform your life, give you hours back in the day, or make your business better. We’ve done a bit of our own research and talked to real tradies about how they’re working smarter, not harder.


Slack is a tool for communication. It’s like a souped-up Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, built just for businesses. Easy to download on any device, create a workspace for your business and start sending messages.

How can I use it?

Slack is made for large companies with tens or hundreds of employees, but it’s just as useful for small businesses. One trade business owner we spoke to said he creates a new ‘channel’ for each job, using it as a central source for himself, his employees, and even subbies to communicate. With photo-uploading and great search, it can be a great replacement for group chats, text message chains and even emails.

Google Drive and Docs

It might be a no-brainer for some, but Google is more than just a search engine. Google Drive and its associated tools are perfect for a tradie on the go, whether you’re whipping up a quote or keeping track of your gear. They’re a bit simpler than any Microsoft tools, plus they’re accessed and updated easily from your web browser or smart device.

How can I use it?

Google Docs can easily replace your Word docs or your PDFs. Instantly accessible anywhere, and with heaps of free templates for things like quotes. Once you’ve created a document, it’s super easy to share a link to it with customers or your team. Plus it autosaves to the cloud every few seconds, meaning you’ll never lose all your hard work when your computer crashes again! And Google’s collaboration features mean your whole team can jump in and start changing a doc if they need to.


Toggl is a super simple time tracking app that can help you spot where your time’s going. Time is money, so get tracking and find out how you’re actually spending your day.

How can I use it?

The obvious way — track time on each job, so you know how long a particular job takes you, and you can have more accurate quotes. You can even see how long you’re spending on your admin like bookkeeping, to see if doing it all yourself is costing you in the long run.


ClickUp claims to do it all. To-do lists? Yes. Chat? Does that. Project management? Too easy. Reminders? In spades. ClickUp has a generous free plan and its flexibility makes it great for small businesses.

How can I use it?

Use ClickUp to manage those large jobs that need a lot of communication. Easily create templates for SOPs, jobs, or build other one-off documents like org charts. It’s like the Swiss army knife of productivity.

Your brand is just another tool in your business toolbox. Now you’re all tooled up, check out our easy guide to building your tradie business brand.

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