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Ways To Rock Tradie Life And Get More Work

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Tradie life has a lot of ups. You aren’t chained to a desk, you get to meet new people and you’re always off to new places. The best kind of work to get though, is repeat work. It can be hard to find, but working with people you already know means you can just get to work and get on with it.

So with that in mind, check out these ways to make the best of the tradie life and get more repeat work.

Make Sure They Remember You For The Right Reasons

An easy way to get those repeat jobs is to always do great work, obviously. Turning up on time, working hard and being polite are all the go. If you’re working with a crew, know where you’re needed and get on with the tasks the boss set you straight away without having to be told.

Always be safe and don’t cut corners with anyone. It’s the best bet, because it means less risk and everyone feels good about working with you.

The same goes if you’re in charge, except you also need to chat regularly with your client.

Keeping in touch isn’t just a great way to head off any problems or worries they might have, it also might lead to more work, either with them or with people they know.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal, just a five minute chat now and then usually does the trick.

Follow Up If You Get A Lead

If something does come up in a conversation, write it down and follow it up. Keep a notebook or your phone handy and jot down the details so you don’t forget. If someone on a job mentions more work they need done, and you’re the one who follows up, then you’re more likely to be the one they hire.

Get Yourself A Business Card

Even if it’s just got your name, number and what your job is, a business card is a quick way to show you’re serious about working. Rather than making people write your details down, just hand them a card and you’re all set.

Don’t forget to download the goodwork app, too. It’s all about building your network and getting you jobs, so it’s well worth a look.

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