What does the lockdown mean for tradies?

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Updated at 9:30AM, 25 March
Last night Scott Morrison announced further lockdown measures to apply from midnight tonight (25 March).

New restrictions apply primarily to social gatherings like weddings and funerals, community buildings like galleries, museums and libraries and other businesses like food courts and auction houses. (Read the full list of restrictions here).

For everyone still working, maintaining proper distance and practising hand hygiene is vital.


On Sunday night, the Australian Government announced what they’re calling a ‘Stage 1’ lockdown across the country. Essential services are allowed to continue, but some businesses have been closed. PM Scott Morrison encouraged people to avoid non-essential travel and mentioned there may be further lockdown measures in future. But what does that mean for tradies right now?

Can I still work?

At this time, yes. The Government has not stopped tradies from working.

Trade suppliers are still operating, although most have implemented new coronavirus-avoidance policies. For example, Reece Plumbing has installed bollards to promote safe distances and a contactless handover to promote hygiene.

What should I be doing?

It’s important to keep your hygiene up.

The usual rules of not touching your face and washing your hands apply. Keep your distance from each-other on site, at least 1.5 metres, and avoid physical contact like handshakes and high-fives. Tools can quickly transfer an infection, so wear gloves or wash your hands immediately after using them. If you’re feeling sick, stay away!

What’s closed?

Closed as of Monday the 23rd are all;

  • pubs
  • cafes (takeaway permitted)
  • clubs
  • cinemas
  • casinos
  • gyms and sporting venues.

What’s open?

Businesses termed essential services are still open. This includes businesses like;

  • supermarkets
  • banks
  • pharmacies
  • petrol stations
  • mechanics.

People are still allowed to leave home for food, supplies and medicine, and to go to work, although they’re encouraged to work from home if they can.

What is an ‘essential service’?

What’s an ‘essential service‘ is a legal term that’s defined state-by-state, and even then there’s still not a clear picture around what it means.

It’s easier to define non-essential services, which are the ones that have now been closed.

We’ll update you as soon as we hear differently.

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