What resources exist for small businesses in your state or territory?

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Western Australia is basically back to business as usual (no music festivals though!). Victoria is basically out of lockdown. Tasmania’s borders are closed until at least 1 December. 

Each state or territory has had to navigate COVID-19 a bit differently, so we’ve done a round-up of various packages and offerings from each that may help you get back on your feet or help grow your small business. Find out more about how local governments are helping businesses get back to normal. 


The ACT government announced a Resource Business Kit to help Canberra businesses. They’re also offering other support to small and medium businesses

Follow the ACT’s updates here.

New South Wales

Get free info on how to stay up-to-date for your construction industry COVID-19 Safety Plan from the state, and access step-by-step guides that will help you find support services. 

Visit the NSW Government’s website for more details. 

Northern Territory

The Territory Government announced Operation Rebound as its economic recovery strategy for post coronavirus. The government also offers checklists and steps to help small businesses that have been affected by the crisis.

Follow the latest updates on the NT government’s portal.


The government has outlined how businesses can operate in Queensland’s building and construction industry under the current restrictions. They also have a portal for you to access tools that may help reopen and grow your business, including tips on how to promote your business. 

Get the latest from the Queensland Government website

South Australia

The South Australian government announced that it will fund $145 million for infrastructure projects. SA also provides various business support, including the Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme which provides businesses with funding to meet cash flow needs.

Stay updated in SA on the government website.


In June, the federal and state government announced an additional $46 million investment in infrastructure projects throughout the state. The Tasmanian Government also offers various loan programs, grants, and relief packages to help businesses bounce back. 

Check the full details from the Tasmanian Government.


The Victorian Government launched the $2.7 billion Building Works package in order to boost the state’s construction industry. They also offer financial support to help your business through coronavirus and guidance for Creating a COVIDSafe business.

For the latest updates and information, visit the Victorian Government’s official page.

Western Australia 

The Western Australia Government developed a 4-phase roadmap to help businesses reopen safely post-coronavirus. The government also announced major planning reforms that are aimed at driving the economy. 

For the latest updates, check out the WA Government’s coronavirus page.

Read our list of resources for where you can turn when you’re on the job hunt or need help with finances.

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