Which Olympic sport would you compete in as a tradie?

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We all watched as Ariarne Titmus grabbed the Olympic Gold for Australia in the 200m freestyle final and wondered how she did it. But have you ever wondered what sport you’d compete in? (We all have. Don’t lie.)

We’ve got a hunch that tradies would be pretty good at a few Olympic sports…so we tried to figure out which sport certain trades are best suited for.


Plumbers would probably go for diving or swimming as they’re always getting wet, need a great deal of expertise and sometimes have to jump in head first to get the job done right.


Fridgies are always running out of gas…a lot like sprinters! 

Artistic Gymnastics

Sparkies are probably the vault gymnasts of the bunch! They’re always getting down to the wire and have to stick the landing!


Landscapers could take a crack at fencing (pun intended) — you have to make it look good in the end! 


Brickies are the cross-country athletes. You just have to get through the long-haul. Definitely not like weightlifters – not clean and not jerks

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Painters are our gymnasts on the mat — their routines are strong, artistic and graceful.


Excavators really must be weightlifters — always shifting heavy objects.


Think you could pin down a tiler? Us neither. We think they’d be pretty good at grappling with wrestlers.

Let us know which sports are most like your trade in the comments!

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