Why a Strong Network is Important

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A good network of contacts is important in every industry. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is pretty spot on after all. Have a chat with almost any tradie and you’ll find it’s a pretty common way to find work.

There’s more than one plus side to a strong network and it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’ve been in the game for years. Take a look to find some great tips.

The Inside Word

We all have mates who know way more than everyone else about something. The trick is to make sure and chat to that one mate who knows more about where the new jobs and the best gigs are. Getting an in with that kind of person means you’re already ahead when you’re on the lookout for work, because you’ve got the inside word from them.

So you know what to look out for, they’re usually a bit older. They’re the first to chat to the newbies, they get along with all kinds and they already have subbies and a great network of their own. Getting them onside will always be a gamechanger because of how much they can bring to the table.

Seeing Around Corners

Here’s a good one. You might think that the best plan of action is to build your network with people who think and act the same as you. It’s easier that way and everyone will get along, right? Nope. Having people around you that think differently is way more important, because they’ll see things you don’t.

On a job, that could mean saving you money, or even saving someone’s life. In your network, it can mean the difference between getting the best out of your career or business or not. You can’t be all the eyes and ears, so you need people who look at things differently and aren’t scared to pull you up when they see something’s off.

It’s all about filling in the gaps.

A great start is to download the goodwork app. That way you can get on with building your network easily, and it’s built for tradies so you can just get on with it, no messing around.

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