Why Becoming A Tradie Is A Great Career Choice

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The trade industry is growing rapidly, so there are some awesome reasons to become a tradie. If you’ve been looking into becoming one and you’d like to know more, read on to see why it’s a great career choice!

You’re Not Chained To A Desk

If you’re not into the idea of sitting at a desk all day, tradie life could be for you. You’re outside in the fresh air a lot, and once you’re done with your apprenticeship you’re in a position to earn great money without needing to be stuck in an office. You can also work towards being your own boss, and that could mean one day you’ll be able to choose your own projects or even run your own team. 

Job Security

There will always be demand for tradies, so there will always be work available.

The trade industry is a great option as a career path whatever you choose to become. So no matter if you decide to be a chippie, sparky, brickie or anything else, you can be sure that there will be jobs out there for you. An added bonus is that unlike Uni where you have to pay to attend, becoming an apprentice means you can earn money straight away. In fact, there are even chances to study and earn qualifications for free. Check out the Free Tafe Course List, there’s a lot to choose from. There are courses in Building and Construction, Building Surveying and Civil Construction to name just a few so it’s well worth a look.

You Can Travel And Earn Money

Besides flexibility, once you build up your skills there’s also an opportunity to travel to other cities with a nationally recognised qualification. You can even look for international opportunities because there’s always a need for trades, no matter where you go in the world. 

Trade Skills Are Life Skills

Trade skills are skills you can use for the rest of your life. There’s no time limit to how useful they are. Not only that but being a tradie also means you can be confident that your skills are really appreciated by others. There’s a lot of job satisfaction in knowing the work you’ve done is useful and admired.

There’s Already A Support Network

The trade industry is pretty awesome when it comes to sticking together. Even when you’re first starting out, there are plenty of older tradies who are willing to share their experience and knowledge.  It’s just a matter of finding the best ways to get in touch easily. Downloading the Goodwork app makes it easier than ever to connect, and it’s a great way to help find tradies in your area and build your network. Not only will you be able to put yourself out there, but the other tradies you connect to could also be super helpful in gaining skills, useful tips and even work.

If you want more info on goodwork or tradie life in general, check out our other blog posts and read up about how our app can get you started.

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