Why Online Presence is Important for Tradies

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Gone are the days of phone books and flyers. Paper has become tech for both efficiencies, ease of use, and speed of users. Reducing the usage or waste of paper can do good for our trees as well if you look at it from an environmental perspective.

And with that, almost any business or service is best to be online as people are most inclined to quickly tap a search engine or voice assistant in terms of searching for the things they need. If it’s your business they’re searching for, you wouldn’t want to miss out on that opportunity. Tradie training is already intensive as it is but taking some time to consider online presence might do wonders for your business.

Social Media

Social media presence is a popular way to be visible online. Tradies don’t have to be on every social platform though. It’s best to choose which one works well for your industry. Providing the most important content about your brand/service and industry would be sufficient enough. No need to produce a lot of content as it gets congested already and the more important content might get drowned out and be overlooked.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is also a lowkey marketing strategy wherein you get your site optimised for visibility on the results page of a search engine. Not everyone is patient enough to scroll through the second page and succeeding pages of the search engine so having SEO may help you improve your business sales in the long run. It takes quite an investment in terms of implementation and time though, read about SEO: Expectations VS Reality for more info.

PPC (a.k.a. Search Engine Marketing or SEM)

Pay Per Click ads or PPC is the instant way for visibility and presence within the online landscape. But it needs a spending budget. It’s highkey advertising similar to print ads, billboards, and commercials. But once the budget spend is gone, so is your presence. This is the difference compared to SEO.

We know tradesmen are already busy with actual work and servicing clients so let us, TradesFormation, assist you in your online marketing and sales efforts. Contact us today for tradie training! Check out our free labour rate calculator too for easier business decisions.

TradesFormation’s purpose and the reason they exist is to lead their clients and the trades industry to create profitable businesses that positively impact their community. Read the original post here.

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