Why Social Media is Important for Tradies

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Social media is one of the fastest and easiest ways to communicate with large groups of people, expand your network, and gain new clients or job opportunities. When it comes to your network, no matter how long you’ve been a tradie, social media is one of the strongest tools you have. If you aren’t already using it for work, here’s how to get the ball rolling – fast.

Get Your Work Online.

Social media is an amazing business platform, and it gives you the chance to show your best work to your fellow tradies, and best of all – it’s totally free! It’s a good idea to build a profile just for your work, rather than just add it to your personal page. That way you can make the page public and use it to get your name out there, and maybe even score some job leads from it.

Cross Promote Yourself.

Make sure your social media pages are listed on anything your network or potential customers or job leads could see. A good place to start is to add it to your business card and email sign off. Then you could post your social media links on any existing networks or listing pages you’re on – including your goodwork profile! It will give everyone a quick way to view the quality of your work and get a sense of what you’re good at.

Targeting Your Network.

Using a platform that is designed specifically for tradies will give you an edge, keep your network strong, and keep work coming in. The goodwork app is made for tradies, so it’s a perfect place to keep your work experience, stay connected to colleagues you already have, and build on your network.

Download it today, it’s easy to set up a profile and get started.

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