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Work smarter, not harder with job management software

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Do you tend to keep quotes written on scraps of paper, or worse, just in your head?

There’s a better way of invoicing and managing your day-to-day business than pen and paper, or even Excel — job management software.

30% of tradies are using job management software in Australia and the numbers are rising. It’s digital and easy, so tradies are able to use apps on job sites to help to reduce their paperwork, automate daily tasks and generally, boost their bottom line.

Register for our free webinar on Thursday 5 November at 6:30 pm AEST to learn more about job management.

Why is job management important?

Job management software gives small business owners or sole traders a better understanding and overview of what’s going on in their business. 

It allows tradies to access services needed to grow their business, have a more consistent team experience and leave less money on the table due to poor bookkeeping. It can give you back a lot of free time spent on admin. Most importantly, job management software will help you give your customer a better experience, which can often lead to more loyal and more confident customers. 

What is job management software?

Job management software helps you control a lot of the daily tasks in your business. Most will do the following:

  • Schedule and manage time for each job, for both you and your team
  • Track, measure and price a job throughout the project
  • Integrate with your accounting software (as it won’t usually do the intense number-crunching that software like Xero does) 
  • Create itemised quotes and invoices
  • Verify timesheets and oversee job site progress
  • Keep track of expenses and purchase orders for each job

Which one is right for you?

The right job management software for your trade business will depend on the type of work you do, the number of employees you have and the suppliers you use. There are several job management solutions to choose from, so it can be overwhelming — however, most offer a free trial period or a no-obligation demo. 

You can look to job management software like Tradify or ServiceM8 to get the job done, but goodwork’s preferred job management software is FieldPulse. FieldPulse sets itself apart from the rest because of the free demos on offer, the easy setup process and how quickly a business will see benefits.

FieldPulse is designed for short term maintenance or project-based trades and will suit both sole traders to medium-sized businesses. 

With both an Australian and US based team, FieldPulse offers round-the-clock support. They pride themselves on being great to deal with and speedy in their response times. 

Schedule a demo with FieldPulse today or sign up for a free two-week trial.

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